M0ve-In Date was exciting!
NUMAS Haus is the first shelter opening in the New Ulm area to provide temporary housing to young mothers and their children who otherwise have no place to go.
Our club donated and set up furniture for one of the bedrooms upstairs.
Kevin Sweeney, Aaron Lambrecht, Bob Reuter, Norm Kopp and Jim Spoon assisted in moving and setting up the furniture.  We found moving this furniture into and old house with narrow stairs was no easy task.  You can see in the picture Bob and Aaron having "fun" navigating the stairs.  We sure got our workout for the day!
Rotary club members Donna Lambrecht, Phil Schenck, Jim Spoon, Marc Burkhart and Ric Jacobsen also assisted with moving appliances into the NUMAS Haus.  All appliances in the house have been donated by our club. 
Our Club is so proud to be part of this renewed effort to help others in need in our community.