Trivia Night 2017 was a success! 
A great night was had by all and a new team champion was crowned! 
On Friday March 10 our Rotary club sponsored a fundraiser to raise $1000 to support the Bareilly India Hygiene Project.  This project is a collaboration of 10 Rotary Clubs in the southern Minnesota area lead by the Redwood Falls Rotary Club.  The goal is to have each club donate $1000 along with a foundation grant to provide a water storage tanks, new hand washing stations at 25 schools and training to students and staff to assure sustainability.  At least 2500 students and their families will benefit from this project. 
Our fundraiser was a Trivia Night.  Over 75 people attended making up twelve teams.  The teams competed with each other over four rounds of questions.  The questions included entertainment, music, science, history and geography to name a few.   
I am proud to say our club met our $1000 goal and then some!  It was a very fun night with plenty of smart talk, laughter and trash talking amongst the teams!  Thanks to all Rotary members who could attend.  A special thanks goes out to Audra Shaneman for setting up the event, Jeff Wiechman for coming up with the great questions and Shannon Frauenholtz for tallying the scores. 
Picture of all the Teams!